I'm testing some tray info changes and experimental IPv6 support, at the moment only viewing and later also IPv6 applying.
Just have to think about how to implement this into the GUI.
Also resizable GUI I still have on the todo list.
Some better display for higher DPI's will come with next beta 10 which will be released lately in december.

Currently I'm working on unicode support for WiFi networks.
Windows 10 has built-in this functonality.
Some basic scripts I got to work to convert the unicode SSID correctly from the multibyte string.
Now I have to implement this into PENM.
Also there are some things which does not work anymore in Windows 10 like the DHCP lease times are not correctly stored anymore in the registry so I did a workaround for that.
Sometimes I don't know what goes on in the heads of these developers from Microsoft.

Alternate IP address settings seem to be work, so in a few weeks I will publish this version.
Still some cleaning/rechecking of the code cause of the GUI changes which you can see below in my post from august.
Had to change a little bit the GUI because I moved the IP autconfiguration enable/disable settings also to this page:

The updated GUI is nearly ready with Beta 6.
At the moment I'm working on the last things fot the alternative IP settings GUI:

I'm working now on 0.59 Beta 3 version.
I already fixed some strange behaviors and changed  the icons a little bit:

Currently I'm working on 0.59 Beta 1.
The /ini and /profile cmdline parameters are also working now for the profile editor.
Also I'm working on some GUI changes so that the PENM & editor will use the OS default font so the interfaces will better work with different/higher DPI settings.
Next thing will be the finishing of the using of ini defined icons which I started with v0.58 Beta 12 but couldn't finish it so I removed it from 0.58.
And some other things...

I added a simple GUI disable mask to ie. hide some specific tabs, etc. via ini, registry or command line.
The pages "Properties", "About", "IP-settings" and if Wifi is not disabled also the "Available networks" are always shown:

I'm still rewriting the editor and added some more cmdline options parallel:

There will be ie. a small preview window where you can see how the options
affect the PENM behaviour.

The 'Other' stuff page will changed and will get some new options:

There will be also the possibility to switch on/off WMI internal using for experimental purposes to apply IP settings.

Build'in internal 'ping' which allows easy using as 'trace' too.
Also the last ping/trace addresses will be saved.

Small enhancement in network browsing view: if the connection needs additional credentials a small popup will appear to enter them:

Also the network drives list is automatically refreshed when you switch back the drive list.

I will implement a new feature: on left click on tray icon -> a small tray info window with some more information just than the small default tooltip: